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フツ―で不思議な楽しい毎日 6次元に定着するための/6次元を定着させるための覚え書き


新しいエネルギーの中であなた自身を慈しむ by 大天使ザドキエル(リンダ・ロビンソン経由)


Personal Pathways of Lightより全文転載します。


“Nurturing Yourself in the New Energy” June 2016 

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and we greet you in Love and Light. Today, we wish to discuss nurturing yourself in the new energy.

You are continuing to experience many energy shifts that are bringing in new, higher-dimensional energy, and this is opening your awareness to new possibilities in the Universal Light. New realms and new vistas are coming into your awareness.

The higher-dimensional energy has a quality of refined Light. The particles of this Light are very fine and rarified. They have a quality of being very ethereal with infinite possibilities. They are calling to you and inviting you to experience this refined energy. They are reminding you of your true home. They are calling you to experience the Oneness of all of Creation. They are calling you to let your own energy field rise in refinement to incorporate this refined energy. 

Your personal energy field is enhanced when you nurture yourself. Nurturing yourself is no longer optional. It is crucial in the new energy.

Nurturing yourself in the new energy can help you to assimilate the higher-dimensional energy. When you nurture yourself, you are surrounding yourself with the heart energy of the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine energy is loving, caring, compassionate, and understanding. It is longing to give you the nurturance you have provided to others for aeons. Now, it is time to give this nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine to yourself.

Surrounding yourself with the heart energy of the Divine Feminine enables you to relax and expand your consciousness to higher levels. Then, the new, higher-dimensional energy can settle gently into your Being, and you begin to rise to higher levels.

The more often you assimilate the higher-frequency energy, the more easily you can move between the dimensions. As you do this, you become aware, on a Soul-knowing level, that Love is the universal vibration of the spheres.

Nurturing yourself each day will help your vibration remain high. When you nurture yourself first, this keeps your Being filled with Light. This allows you to tap into Universal Love. As you are feeling this Love, you are able to be of greater service to humanity. It is hard to share with others what you do not first do for yourself. Therefore, nurturing yourself each day is not selfish. Quite the contrary, it is honoring your own Being by nurturing yourself first and then sharing this Universal Love with others. 

The ways in which you decide to nurture yourself can range from time alone to being with others. It is highly personal depending on what makes your heart sing. Doing what makes you feel special and restores your energy will help you to nurture yourself.

It is the small, consistent nurturing of yourself that can make your heart sing. Even a few small things each day can build a bridge of caring for yourself that will allow you to go throughout your day fulfilling other responsibilities more easily. When you know that you will be doing kind, nurturing things for yourself each day, your Being is more likely to remain filled with higher-dimensional Light. It is an anticipation and joy when you appreciate and honor your Being.

One technique that you may wish to use to nurture yourself is to tune in to your Divine Spark, which connects you to All That Is. It is the eternal part of you that resides in your heart center. The more often you tune into your Divine Spark, the more brightly it will shine. This allows you to receive and carry even more Universal Love and Light. Your own Being is singing and happy, and this Light radiates out to humanity, the planet, and the Universe. 

This allows you to view events in your current surroundings from a higher perspective. You can more easily relate to others. You realize that everyone has a Divine Spark within and that this is what connects everyone in Oneness. 

Another way to nurture yourself is to practice self-appreciation. You can do this by focusing on your positive qualities. This is not done in a boastful manner. It is rather acknowledging those qualities that are part of who you are. This can be done privately in your quiet time.

These qualities may range from kindness to loyalty to being helpful to others. You may be open to new concepts and are a seeker on the spiritual path. Focusing on positive qualities can help to raise your vibration and keep your heart energy open to universal Love.

When you practice self-appreciation, this helps you to keep your body of nurturing energy full. Then, you are able to extend this nurturing to others. You begin to rise to higher-dimensional levels and, in turn, help to lift the energy of those around you.

Beloveds, we encourage you to continue to nurture yourself so that you may extend this nurturing to others. We are with you as you surround yourself and others with Love.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst
…and We surround you with love

And so it is.

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