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Being Fully Present by Archangel Zadkiel (through Linda Robinson)

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“Being Fully Present” May 2016 

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and a Host of the Angelic Realm of Light. Today, we wish to discuss being fully present.

Being fully present in the moment is very important. Waves of higher frequency energy are continuing to reach your planet. This offers you an opportunity to move forward on your ascension path as well as to be of service to humanity and your planet.

When you are fully present, you have your attention in the present moment. You are not reminiscing about or reviewing the past, nor are you planning for the future. You are not distracted by what else you could be doing. You are fully focused on where you are at the moment and what you are doing. If you are talking to someone, your attention is focused on them and what they are saying. You are aware of your immediate environment. You are in the moment.

When you are fully present in the moment, your energy is aligned with the universal vibration. You are more likely to be attuned to energetic shifts when they occur. You become more aware of what these shifts may mean for you and adjustments you may wish to make. 

For example, you may be aware that you want extra quiet time for yourself, or you may wish to be with family or others of like mind. You may decide that a goal you have set for yourself needs to be modified or that you wish to devote more time to your spiritual practice.

When you are in the present moment, you pick up on prompts from your inner guidance, and you are in the flow. You are part of the ebb and flow of the energy, just as the waves of the ocean have a pattern of ebb and flow. This becomes part of your natural rhythm, and you are in harmony with the Universe. You realize that you are part of a larger picture, and you feel the oneness and connectedness with All That Is.

When this occurs, you find yourself rising naturally to the next level on your ascension path.

There are several techniques to use to bring yourself back to being fully present. One way is to focus on the breath. As you feel the breath going in through the nostrils and then going down into the lungs, you become aware that you are in the present moment. Then you feel the outbreath travel back up and out of the lungs and then out the nostrils. After placing your attention on the breath for several cycles of inflow and outflow, you are fully present in the moment.

Another technique for being fully present is to focus completely on what you are doing at that moment. 

For example, if you are eating a meal, you are focused on the appearance, aroma, taste, and texture of the food. You are not thinking about what you did yesterday or what you will do next week. You are completely focused on your food. This enables you to enjoy every bite of food and to be relaxed in the present moment.

The more you practice being fully present in the moment, the easier it will become.

As this is occurring, you may become aware of ways in which you can be of service to humanity and the planet. 

One of the greatest gifts you can give to humanity and the planet is to hold the space energetically.

When you hold the space, you have aligned your own energy with the vibration of the Universe. You are centered and are in the present moment. Your focus turns to thoughts of greatest good for all. You want everyone to be in the highest and best circumstances. 

You are holding the space for those who are experiencing challenging times, such as illness or loss. You are providing an energetic space for them so that they can work through whatever challenges they are facing. It does not mean that you try to solve their problems. It means that you are providing Love and understanding so that they can work through their own situation. 

You are also holding the space for the planet by sending it Love. You are sending thoughts of highest good, gratitude, and understanding. You are giving thanks for all the support that Mother Earth has provided you, and you are sending her Love for all she continues to do to support the well-being of her inhabitants.

While you are remaining fully present and are holding the space, you may find yourself gaining additional insights about your own ascension path. You realize that everything is connected. All is one. There is no separation. As this realization occurs, your Light shines brightly for those around you and throughout the dimensions. You are a beacon of Love and Light.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are being fully present in the moment and that you are holding the space. 

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst
…and We surround you with love

And so it is.

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