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平和のオアシスであってください by 大天使ザドキエル(Linda M. Robinson経由)


Personal Pathway of Light(http://personalpathwaysoflight.com/an-oasis-peace-november-2015/)より、冒頭と結びを省いて転載です。

“An Oasis of Peace” November 2015

As you go about your daily walk on this path, it is important for you to provide yourself with an oasis of peace.

This is an oasis of peace that is found in inner stillness. Because it resides within you, it is always with you. It does not require any special time, place, or conditions because it dwells within your inner center of Being.

This is the part of you that is timeless. It is not bound by time or space or by a particular incarnation. It is the eternal part of you. It is where your Divine Spark resides.

It is where you go for nourishment, relaxation, and rejuvenation. It is the place you can go when everything around you seems to be in a state of activity.

When you tune in to your oasis of peace, it is as if you are entering into a communion with the Higher Realms and receiving the nourishment that leads you to an inner knowing as to what is right for you. The gentle nectar of the Beings of Light floats around you and permeates your Being. It refreshes you and provides you with the energy to take you to your next step of learning and providing service.

Tuning in to your inner stillness and oasis of peace may come all at once, or it may be a conscious decision for you to tune in to it.

It is not a forced action of tuning in but rather a relaxing and letting go and allowing. It is taking that moment of peace for yourself when you turn inward and realize that the present moment is there for you to enjoy as you relax for a moment. It is a moment of releasing your attention on outer circumstances and turning your attention inward. When this occurs, you are instantly in an oasis of peace.

The more you tune in to your inner stillness, the stronger it becomes and the greater your oasis of peace is.

If you wish to make your oasis of peace appear more easily, you can begin by shifting your attention from the outer world to the inner world. This can be accomplished by focusing on your heart center and your breath. As you feel your breath flow gently in and out, you may feel the tension begin to leave your body and mind. When this occurs, your heart center relaxes, and you can feel the Love that resides in it. You become bathed in the pure Light that is part of your Divine Spark that connects you to All That Is.

It is as if you have entered an oasis in the middle of all outer activity. As you begin to tune in to this oasis more often, you may find that all you need to do to reach it is to shift your focus gently from the outer to the inner. There is no abrupt change. It is simply shifting your focus, just as you do when you look around a room. It is a gentle flowing.

It is a place where you may wish to spend more time. You may realize that spending time in it can become your default pattern. It is as if you are in the middle of your inner oasis as you move throughout your day. Your oasis of peace is surrounding you at all times.

When this occurs, you are less likely to be swayed by events and the actions of others. Instead of reacting instantly, you may find yourself pausing and viewing situations as a detached observer. This pause allows you a moment when time may seem to stand still. When you do this, you can tap into the wisdom of the Higher Realms and make decisions that are for highest good.

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